FB Bitty Beasts - Pack of 5


The ittiest, bittiest Beasts we've ever made! Each pack comes with three or five random miniature Beasts in an assortment of colors! No two models will be repeated in the same pack, and you have the chance of getting a Bitty Beast in glitter, pearl, metallic, GITD or even Coldfront or Heatwave! There are 16 different ones to collect!

Bitty Beasts are collectible miniature silicone toys from the Frisky Beast line of toy models.

Bitty Beasts is a novelty accessory item and we recommend using common sense when playing with these. TTC is not responsible for any harm done, including broken screens as a result of casually throwing them around, however addictive that may be. Contains small parts - keep out of range of anyone who could choke on them.

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