TTC CogRings™

$6 $8

Need to let off some steam, punk?
Gear up with TTC CogRings and experience the true luxury of a customizable platinum-cure silicone cockring.

Amazing Durability - Amazing Value!
Unlike most rings on the market, TTC CogRings are made to last. They're crafted from our high-end platinum silicone, to be an addition to your collection that can be enjoyed over and over and over!

Body Safe!
Like our other platinum-cure silicone toys, CogRings are non-allergenic, 100% phtalate-free, and easy to clean!

Mix and Match!
CogRings come in 6 different shapes, so you can experiment with combining rings to customize your experience!

In other words, these bedroom accessories could be just the spare parts you've been looking for!

The sizes (inner diameter) are as follows:

Small (regular): 30mm x 10mm thick
Medium: 34mm x 10mm thick
Large: 38mm x 10mm thick
XL Curve Cog: 46mm x 12mm thick

Ball Stretcher Cog: 30mm x 20mm thick
Spiked Cog Collar: 36mm x 17mm thick

TTC CogRings come in [Firm 8] by default, offering a moderate amount of stretch - The "Soft" firmness option reduces firmness to 6 which is more forgiving and stretchty. Rings are individually trimmed and minor imperfections are unavoidable. If you wish to request the absence of a certain color within a surprise order, or that all rings in a surprise order come in a matching color (instead of assorted by default), just let us know in the comments upon checkout!