A021 Small Atlas in Night Sky Blue Coloration

A021 Small Atlas in Night Sky Blue Coloration

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Atlas the Unicorn

Size: Small
Firmness: Medium (6)
Signature Coloration: Night Sky Blue - a deep blue dotted with metallic sparkles!
Always-in-Stock* [Save $5]

Small Atlas Imperial measurements Metric measurements
Total Toy Length 8" 20cm
Usable Length 6.5" 17cm
Head Circumference 5" 13cm
Medial Ring Circumference 5.25" 13cm
Base of Shaft Circumference 5.5" 14cm
Head Diameter 1.6" 4.1cm
Medial Ring Diameter 1.7" 4.3cm
Base of Shaft Diameter 1.8" 4.6cm

Wish Granted!
Girthier than your average equine, Atlas is a stallion to be reckoned with. Long and thick, with several distinct points of realistic texture, Atlas will take your fantasy to the next level! Grab a unicorn by the lower horn and see your wish for a magical ride come true!


*Always in Stock toys are a selection of our most popular models, that we try to keep in inventory permanently - so you can grab one and expect it shipped as snappy as dragonly possible! In the rare case that we don't have one on hand, we will be able to quickly create more. They are all in Medium Firmness (6), without any extras, and come at a discount compared to custom order toys. As such, the product photo serves as a guideline for what the toy will look like - since every toy is handcrafted, there may be minor differences.

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