0F Archive - The Cave Bear


Primary Color

Cave Bear Mini Small Medium
Total length 5.5" 6.5" 8"
Usable Length 5" 6" 7"
Head Circumference 3.5" 4.5" 5.50"
Knot Circumference 5.50" 6.50" 8"

Deep in the forest, something stirs. A low growl echos from a secluded cave, followed by the scraping of claws on stone, and the crunch of fresh snow underfoot. A beast has been woken from his slumber. Despite the remote location of his winter home, he still can't hibernate in peace - the bright flicker of Northern Lights is enough to wake him. As he pokes his blunt snout out into the chilly cold, it's met with fresh snowflakes, and not a hint of the springtime that he's been waiting so long for.

Needless to say, this burly bear is none-too-pleased at having his nap cut short.

Retreating back inside, his mind wanders to thoughts of clear skies and sunny days. And of course, the amorous nature of the coming season. Yes, the only thing that could possibly soothe the grumpy creature would be the heat of another - a little taste of the spring to come. Soon his large paws wander down, playing over his generous package, and he hears the crunch of snow just outside the cave. As he glances toward the entrance, he sees a shadow, and hopes it's a visitor seeking the same unseasonable warmth...


This toy was expertly designed and sculpted for production by Video, with artwork generously donated by Sciggles. We thank them as always for their contribution!

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