0F Archive - The Dire Wolf


Primary Color

Dire Wolf Mini Small Medium
Total length 5" 6" 7.25"
Usable Length 4.5" 5.25" 6.25"
Head Circumference 2.5" 3.5" 4"
Shaft Circumference 3.75" 4.75" 5.75"
Knot Circumference 5.25" 6.5" 7.75"

From the frigid north comes a canine companion full equipped to warm you up. We call him 'Winter', the Dire Wolf, named for the snowy mountains through which he travels. There is an amorous side to this wind-chilled wolf, and if your need for 'heat' extends beyond a simple embrace, he's more than ready to provide. Follow him into his cave and discover a whole new meaning to the phrase 'Winter is coming'.

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