Dante the Anubite

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You don't fuck with a god - or do you?
With unique studded and swirling textures covering the shaft, Dante takes fantasy to the next level. Grab him by the knot and experience the might of Anubis for yourself!

Features TTC Silky finish!

Dante the Anubite Mini Small Medium Large
Total Length 5.5" 6.5" 7.75" 10"
Insertable Length 4.5" 5.5" 6.5" 8"
Circumference of Shaft 4.5" 5.5" 6.5" 8"
Circumference of Knot 5.75" 6.75" 8.25" 9.75"
Diameter of Head 1.1" 1.4" 1.6" 1.9"
Diameter of Shaft 1.4" 1.7" 2.1" 2.5"
Diameter of Knot 1.75" 2.1" 2.55" 3.2"

In times of old there laid a gate of fabled lore, a bridge between lands of the ordinary and dark realms beyond.  Sparing anecdotes of dubious authenticity surrounded not only its very existence but of what laid beyond the gate or what treasures or dangers that spanned the lands behind it. Although many a tale concerned none of this but instead sat with the legend of the gate's keeper. If you choose to believe those who dared to locate and trek across the world to stare back at it, one would be wise to head the cautionary tales of the canine guardian standing his post at the foot of the mythical portal to worlds unknown.

The fabled Gatekeeper in question very much so does exist, as does the count of the bodies foolish enough to battle him. But those witted and friendly enough to seek out diplomacy instead are met with a benevolent beast of lonesome. His eons of protection at the likes of unworthy cretins of brawn and might, has made this canine yearn for pleasure and companionship. This guardsman exudes power and strength with a sculpted body of toned muscle. Bulging arms and a chiseled chest sit atop broad hips acting as a platform, holding his pent-up pangs of denied lust in the name of duty.  Perhaps the gates secret treasures lay not with what is beyond it, but with what's before it and how it's released. Will you be the brave adventurer who relieves this soldier of duty for a night long furlough?

Dante is a lifelong soldier and protector of Anubis. Gentle and kind for when his duty isn't immediately calling and eagerly waiting for some relief. Under his armor this canine is guarding more than just a passage, but a thick shafted beauty of neglected desire. Softly textured, the faintly raised folds and bulges make for smooth yet riveting ride all the way down to prepare your next quest –  an engorged hefty knot to seal the deal for a night of fun.


Please note that Suction Cups may have diminished suction power on toys with balls due to the complex base shape.


All TTC toys are hand-crafted in the US and as a result, there can be minor differences in the colors to how they appear in real life, firmness, as well as miniscule imperfections under the base of a toy. Order cancellations after 24 hours may be subject to a 20% restocking fee at our discretion. Upon shipping, an order can no longer be cancelled.

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