Jake the Stout Werewolf - KnotPlug™ Series

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Cuddle with a Monster!
Resulting from heaps of requests for a shorter, softer, and less pointy canine toy, Jake the Werewolf is the first toy in our KnotPlug™ series. He sports gentle rounded curves, an extra manageable shaft length, and a delicious blunt head. With a full focus on comfort, Jake is a pleaser even for extended sessions! You won't regret inviting this handsome hybrid home!

Features TTC Silky Finish!

Jake the Stout Werewolf Mini Small Medium Large
Total Length 4.75" 5.25" 6.25" 7.25"
Insertable Length 4" 4.5" 5.5" 6.5"
Circumference of Shaft 4" 4.5" 5.5" 6.25"
Circumference of Knot 5.25" 6.25" 7.75" 9.25"
Diameter of Head 0.8" 0.9" 1.1" 1.4"
Diameter of Shaft 1.2" 1.45" 1.75" 2.15"
Diameter of Knot 1.7" 2" 2.45" 3"


Is it a Man?
Is it a Monster?
Was that a... howl?
He's gentle for a Monster. He's dapper for a Beast. Meet Jake the Stout Werewolf! Despite his beastly features, he's well-groomed and his movements are gracious.

Well don't just stand there, oogling, you tell yourself. Working up the courage to ask him out could be an opportunity for exciting new adventures! Lost in daydream, you order a drink to bolster your courage and charisma.

But before you can say anything, his breath hits your neck. Whispered just soft enough to be considered private, his hair-raising greeting shows the handsome lycan noticed you back... and now you're trying to find the words to tell him what you both know you want.

Roll for initiative!


To ensure proper base flare safety, Suction Cups are only available on the Medium and Large versions of Jake the Stout Werewolf.


All TTC toys are hand-crafted in the US from platinum-cure silicone and as a result, there can be minor differences in the colors to how they appear in real life, firmness, as well as miniscule imperfections under the base of a toy. Order cancellations after 24 hours may be subject to a 20% restocking fee at our discretion. Upon shipping, an order can no longer be cancelled.

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