0F Archive - The Cryolophosaurus

Cryolophosaurus Mini Small Medium
Total length 5.25" 7" 9"
Usable Length 4.75" 6.5" 8"
Head Circumference 2" 2.5" 3"
Top Bulge Circumference 4" 4.5" 5.75"
Knot Circumference 5.25" 7" 9"

You've spent hours trekking across the icy Antarctic terrain, hot on the trail (ironically enough) of a massive, three-toed beast. The large footprints have taken you miles from your camp, but are curious enough to be worthy of the hike. And even more strange, they seem to be punctuated by the occasional flurry of feathers. But what bird could grow to such a size? Over the next ridge you find your answer in the form of a large feathered dinosaur playfully snuffling and rolling among the snow drifts. As you take your camera out to snap a photo or two, the crested beast rolls on his back, putting another rather interesting characteristic on display. The action seems more an invitation than anything, and as he catches your eye, his tail flicks downward, beckoning you closer...

The Cryolophosaurus was designed by Theropod and Video with character art provided by RevaDieHard!

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