0F Archive - The Deinonychus

Deinonychus Mini Small
Total length 5" 7"
Usable Length 4.5" 6"
Head Circumference 2.5" 3.5"
Knot Circumference 5.5" 7"

What a long day this has been! As the sun sets behind the treeline, you can't help but recall the advice given by your guide earlier that day.

"Don't go into the long grass." he warned you, "Something's out there."

But looking out across the clearing, it seems you're not presented with many other options. Really though, what could be so bad? The other park 'residents' you've met have been more than happy to assist you in any way, surely whatever lives here would be no different. One step in, and you hear a swishing in the grass nearby. Then another up ahead. There's a silhouette, lithe with a pointed snout and lengthy tail... you pause, second guessing yourself. Maybe its sight is based on movement, and if it stands still, it wont see you... but that doesn't seem to be the case when a bright, feathered head pops into view. A grin crosses his feral lips... but there's something distinctly sentient in its eyes.

"Are you lost?" He purrs, crest raising curiously. Soon you notice other similarly-feathered heads peering up from over the grass.

Despite the fearsome appearance (and reputation!) of these beasts, it quickly becomes obvious just how helpful they really can be. The Alpha of the group knows the grasslands well, and long after the sun has set, you've safely made it across the clearing. But now to get back to camp in the dark...

"You could stay with us." he smirks, nodding toward their den. "You're practically one of the pack at this point."


A huge thank you to Video for her creative expertise in redesigning and sculpting this toy! Character concept provided by Cultmastersleet and Brabant, character art provided by RevaDieHard!


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