0F Archive - FB Atlas Lion


Primary Color

This is an archive listing for the original FB model, showing sizes and toy pricing. The toy cannot be custom ordered, but we'll periodically have readymade stock to grab in the Frisky Beast Creations inventory section!
Atlas Lion Mini Small Medium Large
Total length 4.75" 6.25" 7.50" 9.75"
Usable Length 4.25" 5.50" 6.50" 8.00"
Head Circumference 3.00" 3.75" 4.50" 5.50"
Shaft Circumference 3.50" 4.50" 5.75" 7.00"


We present to you the king of beasts - The Atlas Lion! This lengthy toy is textured with depth in mind, from its tapered tip and slim, well-textured shaft to its plump furry base! With signature feline 'barbs' (not sharp - don't worry!), you're sure to feel every inch of what this kingly cat has to offer! Available in mini through large, there's a Lion for everyone - try em in dark natural, light natural or his own signature color - Crown Jewel!

Special thanks to RevaDieHard for providing the artwork for this majestic creature! And thanks as well to Video for providing some excellent photos!

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