0F Archive - The Input Valve

Input Valve Pocket Full
Total length 5" 7.5"
Diameter of Head 2.5" 2.5"
Diameter of Body 1.5" 2"
Exterior Circumference 4.5" 6.5"
Diameter of Entrance (Vertical) 0.75" 1.5"
Diameter of Entrance (Horizontal) 0.5" 0.75"

Meet Input, a unique bot who's favorite hobby is tangling with the most powerful mechafauna on Terrabite! One has to be properly equipped to go helm-to-helm against these mighty Beasts, and with his quick pedes and sharp processor, Input is always at the top of his game! This mech's adventurous spark has taken him to far corners of the planet where he's befriended Auto-bites and Terra-cons alike, always in search of his next opponent. Of course, his 'battles' are all in good fun, and more often than not his 'opponents' become long-time companions...

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