Prismatic Leather Collar


Express yourself with a vibrant TTC Prismatic Leather Collar!

These Prismatic Leather Collars are a real treat for the eyes and donning one is sure to help immerse yourself into your favorite fantasy, whether you're playing alone or with others. Customize your Prismatic Leather Collar by choosing from the widest selection of colors available. Match your own unique personality or collar someone special with the favorite colors and watch them shine!

Superior Construction:
All of our leather products are crafted exclusively from premium Full-Grain leather, the strongest and most durable part of the hide. We also use bonded nylon stitching and steel core hardware, meaning that every piece is designed for real play.

Exclusive Comfort:
The Prismatic Leather Collar is made of a supple garment leather popularized for motorcycle gear. The softness and durability needed for those cross country rides means that you will stay comfortable even during extended wear and every collar is made to last.

Dimensions and Measurements:
The strap for each Prismatic Leather Collar is 1 inch wide. One size is available by default, which fits necks from 14" to 18" around. Other sizing options are available upon request.

To determine your neck size, use a measuring tape. Wrap the tape so that it circles your neck and rests just above your shoulders. Do not pull tightly on the tape, as this will subtract from the measurement and make it less accurate.

Variants that are out of stock will be made to order!

The Prismatic Leather Collar is designed and produced by Dragonhide Leather. This collar is designed as a comfortable accessory, and constructed from premium materials. Remember to play safe - TTC is not responsible for any harm done by wrongful use of this accessory.

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