0F Archive - The Snowbird

Snowbird Pocket Full
Total length 3" 7.5"
Diameter of Head 1.25" 2"
Exterior Circumference 4.25" 6.5"
Diameter of Entrance (Vertical) 0.75" 1.25"
Diameter of Entrance (Horizontal) 0.5" 0.5"

It seems like it's been weeks since you last saw your territory- this land appears to be nothing more than ice, ice and more ice! Nevertheless, instinct drives you on... this hardly seems the place to find a new mate, how cold and unwelcoming... that is, until you find a puff of tawny feathers in the freshly-fallen snow! Nose to the ground, you snuffle the scent, tracing along until feathers become prints, and prints become... well, everything you've ever dreamed of. Another of your species, a welcoming and flirtatious one at that! A nuzzle here, a nip there, and it doesn't take long to become quick companions! Within no time you find yourself sharing a cozy den with the fine, feathery embrace of the perfect mate...

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