0F Archive - The Croxic - Class IV Kaiju - Old FB Version

Croxic Mini Small Medium
Total length 5" 6.25" 8.25"
Usable Length 4.25" 5.5" 7.25"
Head Circumference 3.75" 5.25" 6.25"
Mid. Shaft Circumference 5" 6.25" 8"
Base Shaft Circumference 5.25" 7.25" 8.25"

You scramble back, nearly losing your footing and your camera as the creature rises to its full height! A pair of large eyes flash with predatory excitement, with four more growing wide as they size you up. Never before had you seen (much less been within arm's reach of) something as massive as this! A bizarre prickly cold seems to radiate from the beast's leathery hide, accompanied by an eerie, hypnotic blue glow...

You snap out of your awestruck daze a split-second later, darting down the tree and only glancing up to see how much distance you've put between yourself and the Kaiju. It throws its head back with a hungry roar and makes a swipe at you with its gargantuan claws! Luckily you hit the ground running and are already seeking cover, darting around its stomping webbed feet and thrashing tail. As you bolt, you can hear the sound of helicopter blades up ahead, growing closer by the second! And just as jaws snap inches from your backside, you leap to the safety of the vehicle (don't try this at home!) and are whisked to the sky.

As the helicopter puts distance between you and your hungry companion, you finally turn your camera back to the monster. It sends an open-mouthed hiss your direction, and you can take in just how strangely crocodilian it appears! Your lens misses not a single detail, and with a sigh, you notice something rather prominent and all-too-familiar. Clickclick. At least now you've completed the whole set.

For now your research is complete, you're free to return to the safety and relative seclusion of your lab. So much to analyze, so much to write, so much to print... there was still plenty more to do, but at least you didn't have to worry about getting -eaten- in the process.


This toy was lovingly designed by Video with amazing character art brought to us by Larrydraws!


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