0F Archive - The Hyaenodon - Old FB Version

Hyaenodon Mini Small Medium
Total length 5" 6.5" 8"
Usable Length 4.5" 6" 7.5"
Head Circumference 4" 5" 6"
Shaft Circumference 4.5" 6" 7.5"

It seems like hours have gone by since she led you out of the shade of her den.'Training', she called it, as she began tracking the scent of nearby prey. It was rare that she took others along while hunting - but you were special, a promising young warrior, one of her favorites. Maybe it's no surprise that she chose you to accompany her, afterall.
Despite the honor of being the matriarch's chosen companion, it's difficult to ignore the sun beating down on the savannah, and soon you begin to fall behind. Lucky for you, this clan leader is a caring one, and off to yet another private den you go. In the cool retreat, it becomes more clear what all this training entails - she gives you a coy smile, a seductive gaze, and teases you with her experienced paws. Sizing you up and down, you can tell she's waiting to see whether or not her 'favorite' will rise to her newest challenge..

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