0F Archive - The Mechanical Animal 2.5

Mechanical Animal 2.5 Mini Small Medium
Total length 5.5" 6.5" 8.5"
Usable Length 4.5" 6" 8"
Head Circumference 4.5" 5" 7.25"
Shaft Circumference 5" 5.25" 7.5"

Due to popular demand, the Mechanical Animal 2.5 has been released to offer new challenges and benefits! This toy offers a pleasant curve to his sleek shaft, and additional texture between his plates! Give this bot a ride and you'll find he's more than meets the eye!

An extra special 'Thank you!' to Video for sculpting this toy, and additional thanks to all the members of the original Frisky Beast Forum for aiding in the creation of this magnificent mech!


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