0F Archive - The Mosasaurus

Mosasaurus Mini Small
Total length 5" 6.5"
Usable Length 4" 5.5"
Head Circumference 4" 4"
Shaft Circumference 5" 6.5"

"Have a Splash At One of Our Main Attractions!" a sign reads with an arrow pointing to what appears to be a giant pool. Your tour guide had handed you a rain poncho before sending you off, but looking at the still waters you can't imagine what for. Shrugging, you make your way to the raised bleacher seating nonetheless. When you sit down, a nearby speaker blares to life and tells you to put on your poncho.

"Let's have a round of applause for one of our newest and hottest additions!"

Right on cue a huge wave rises up from the pool and crashes down against the bleachers, soaking you to the bone! So much for that poncho. But the moment your eyes return to the water, you find yourself staring into the grinning face of a truly impressive display. The Mosasaurus is on its back, muscular belly exposed, and fins waving playfully in the air. Further down its streamlined body you notice an equally awe-inspiring member rising up out of its sheath.

The megaphone screeches to life again. "Stick around folks - the show is just getting started!"


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