Atlas the Unicorn

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Primary Color


Wish Granted!
Girthier than your average equine, Atlas is a stallion to be reckoned with. Long and thick, with several distinct points of realistic texture, Atlas will take your fantasy to the next level! Grab a unicorn by the horn and see your wish for a magical ride come true!

Atlas offers two signature colorations!
Night Sky Blue is a deep blue loaded with shimmery silver sparkles.
Nightfall is a beautiful fade from metallic purple, to black loaded with purple shimmer!

Features TTC Silky finish!

 Atlas Size Chart Small Medium Large
Total Length 8" 10.5" 13"
Insertable Length 6.5" 8.75" 11"
Circumference of Head 5" 6.25" 7.75"
Circumference of Medial Ring 5.25" 6.5" 8.25"
Circumference at Base 5.5" 7.25" 9"
Diameter of Head 1.6" 2" 2.45"
Diameter of Medial Ring 1.7" 2.1" 2.6"
Diameter at Base of Shaft 1.8" 2.25" 2.85"


Meet Atlas, designated protector of the northern Darkwood. His job description is short - keep the woodlands fertile, and banish unwanted intruders. It's a never ending quest, that requires constant vigilance. One moment, a pack of fel critters skitter in. The next, a society of kobold hunters set up camp. Needless to say the hearth of his forest side cottage doesn't see many visitors. The rare, but precious peace should absolutely be enjoyed in full - and as a host, Atlas the Unicorn treats his guests better than most. Offer yourself for his relief, and let him grant your wish for a magical ride.


Please note that Suction Cups may have diminished suction power on toys with balls due to the complex base shape.


All TTC toys are hand-crafted in the US and as a result, there can be minor differences in the colors to how they appear in real life, firmness, as well as miniscule imperfections under the base of a toy. Order cancellations after 24 hours may be subject to a 20% restocking fee at our discretion. Upon shipping, an order can no longer be cancelled.

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