Twin Tail Creations Community Guidelines

Welcome to our community, a sanctuary that embraces EVERYONE, particularly those who’ve felt marginalized. While our neighborhood is predominantly digital, these guidelines are equally valid when you run into us at live events. Together, let’s cultivate an inclusive and respectful space.


    Who Can Join?

    You don't have to be a Twin Tail customer to be part of our family. Feel free to connect, share, and just hang out. Whether you're posting in our buy/sell/trade channel or lounging in our casual spaces, you're welcome here. And if you’re ever feeling uneasy at an event, our booth is your safe haven. We’ve got your back, no questions asked.

    Talk Freely About the Industry

    We encourage healthy discussion about other talented creators in our field. We see them not as competitors, but as peers from whom we can all learn. Share, discuss, and celebrate their work, but hey, we'd like to think our toy bases are the finest!

    The Rules of Engagement

    Abusive Language:

    Zero tolerance. This includes any language that is derogatory, demeaning, or disrespectful. When in doubt, choose kindness.


    Also a no-go. This encompasses hurtful behavior that is repetitive, intentional, and creates a power imbalance, particularly in online interactions.


    Before promoting goods, events, or services, get the nod from a moderator—except in the buy/sell/trade channel, where it’s open season.

    Honesty & Understanding:

    Sarcasm can be misunderstood. Prioritize clear, honest communication and strive to understand each other’s perspectives.


    Absolutely not allowed. If you notice questionable behavior, contact our team immediately. A member of our team will quickly handle any issues.


    The Essence of Our Community

    The underlying spirit here is to craft a secure and fun space for creativity, learning, and connection. If a conversation drifts into uncomfortable territory, we might gently steer it elsewhere. If someone’s making you uneasy, speak up.


    Your Role in Upholding These Values

    Your individual kindness is our community’s greatest asset. Let’s uplift one another and hold ourselves accountable. Every question answered, friendship formed, or constructive feedback given brings us one step closer to an ideal community.

    Thank you, truly, for taking the time to read and respect these guidelines.