Frequently Asked Questions - If you don't find what you're looking for here, or if you have any other concerns, don't hesitate to send us a customer service note from our contact us form.


    1) What is Twin Tail Creations?

    Twin Tail Creations is a friendly crew of adult toy smiths with an affinity for the realms of imagination. Dragons, steampunk, sci-fi, you name it... We make custom, fantasy themed sex toys in premium body-safe silicone, so you can embrace your fantasy with confident indulgence!

    2) What can I expect when I order?

    Upon placing an order, you will immediately receive a receipt by email and get access to our responsive customer service for any questions or concerns you might have regarding the order.

    You will be able to check out with either credit card or PayPal - we do not require you to have an account, but if you do, we will often be able to deliver an even better customer service experience.

    2.1) Production & Shipping Times

    We will immediately add your order to our production queue if it contains custom toys. For inventory toy orders, we will ship as quickly as possible - usually within 3 work days. For custom orders, production time can be more than a week. Current estimated custom order production time can be found on the main catalog page.

    Before shipping, we inspect your toys for quality assurance, clean them, and seal them in our bags with shiny TTC stickers! In the box you will find protective packing material surrounding the toy, as well as a care sheet with instructions for cleaning and storage.

    Upon shipping, you will immediately receive an automated email with relevant tracking information. If at any point you have questions or concerns, we are standing by to assist - just send us a customer service note!

    3) Is your packaging discreet?

    To protect your privacy, we only ship our toys in plain brown boxes. Both the sender field on the shipping label, and your credit card statement will only show our initials. Where necessary, our handcrafted toys are categorized as silicone sculptures. In other words: We ship as discreetly and anonymously as possible!

    4) I did not get an order notification / I cannot contact you - what do I do?

    If you used an email service that has content filters, you may experience that you cannot receive email from us. If for instance you placed an order with a .edu email address, we will likely not be able to reach you, since your service provider could consider our extension to be 'banned' content.

    Alternatively, you may have mistyped your email address during checkout, in which case we also cannot reach you.

    If you think you might be affected by this, send in a note through our contact form with your correct email address (and not an .edu address), so we can update your order information.

    5) What do I need to know about international shipping?

    If you are shopping from outside the United States, your local regulations apply when it comes to import laws, duty and taxes - it is your own responsibility to know if import of sex toys is permitted and to pay any import/customs fees and taxes. You may also experience toys being held for customs clearance. Should you require additional documentation from us, don't hesitate to send us a note - we will be happy to provide paperwork as to the material, value, and contents of the packages!

    If you are shipping to outside the United States with UPS, please keep in mind you will not pay customs/duty fees normally. UPS generally requires those fees to be paid IN CASH upon delivery. 

    We currently do not ship to China. Orders from Singapore, Vietnam and Russia may be subject to local import regulations - this means we cannot guarantee delivery for those destinations.

    If you order from any of the locations mentioned above, we do not take responsibility for delivery once the package reaches your home country.

    When placing an order, you acknowledge that if your country does not allow import of sex toys, TTC is not responsible for guaranteeing delivery beyond shipping the item.

    6) Do you ship to P.O. boxes?

    We have yet to experience a problem with shipping to a P.O. box. However, if you are using UPS as your shipping method, we will be unable to ship to a P.O. box as UPS itself does not deliver to P.O. boxes. If you require your order be shipped to a P.O. box, please ensure you select USPS at checkout. 

    7) What are your toys made from?

    Our toys are crafted from premium-grade platinum-cure silicone, with added pigments for coloration. The silicone is body-safe, chemically inert, non-allergenic, easily sterilized, and extremely durable. We refuse to compromise on quality, so you can get down to business with a perfect peace of mind - every time!

    8) How do I interpret the TTC firmness scale?

    Our toy firmness scale is a an arbitrary sliding scale from Soft (3), which approximately matches Shore 0030, to Firm (8), which approximately matches Shore 8A.

    Our Soft (3) is squishy and easy to compress, like relaxed muscle. This makes for easier entry! Medium (6) is slightly squishy, similar to semi-tense muscle, and offers a balance between precision and flexibility. Firm (8) has almost no squish, like flexed muscle, to offer a high level of precision in use.

    Ordering Soft Firmness may cause colors to blend more and become 'washed out' in toys that have more than one color. As such, some colorations cannot be ordered in Soft Firmness. 

    Also, please be aware that due to the natural variability in density from one batch of silicone to the next, we cannot guarantee the exact firmness of any pour. With that being said, we will always attempt to match your desired firmness as close as possible.

    Regardless of firmness, the toys are durable and stretchy, and can be bent in any direction. Even in Firm,it's possible to bend an Atlas so the tip touches the bottom of the base!

    9) How do I store and clean my toys?

    All relevant information for storing and cleaning, as well as what types of lubricant you can safely use with our toys, will be listed on the care sheet we pack with every toy order! For quick reference, silicone toys should not be stored together with toys made from lower-grade plastics and gels as degradation can occur. They can be stored safely together with other platinum-cure silicone toys. Silicone is non-porous, and can be cleaned with just soap and water. However, they can also safely be boiled, cleaned with toy cleaner, or dunked in a weak bleach solution!

    10) Do you do guided For-Science! (surprise) toys?

    Yes! We allow for up to 3 requested colors to be either included or excluded in For-Science! pours. These colors can be specified either in the order notes at checkout or in "Desired Coloration" section on the custom order form.

    We no longer accept photos, character designs, general themes, complex color schemes, etc. as a guide or "inspiration" for a For-Science! pour. 

    11) How much is a custom coloration?

    Normally, a signature coloration from one customizable model can be applied to any other customizable model at the same price - just send us a note to verify! For completely customized colors, the price list is as follows:
    For-Science! (Surprise Coloration) Free
    Solid Color Free
    Split Color +$10
    2 Color Marble +$15
    3 Color Marble +$20
    4 Color Marble +$25
    2 Color Fade +$20
    Split Fade +$25
    Vein +$20
    Wave +$30
    Ribbon Wave +$30
    Additional Color +$5
    Additional Split +$10
    Highlight +$10
    Glow in the Dark +$10


    For examples of the above colorations, check out our Coloration Guide

    Some color combinations don't work well together, and we will need to approve any custom order before it can be placed. If a custom color scheme is not possible, we may cancel the order for a full refund. To inquire about a custom order, make sure you have a TTC account with your shipping address listed - then contact us through our custom order form!

    Non-Modifiable Coloration Price List:

    Tie-Dye +$30 View Example
    Dragon Eggshell +$30 View Example
    Rainbow Ribbon Wave +$45 View Example
    Rainbow Vein +$50 View Example
    White Rainbow Vein +$50 View Example
    Black Rainbow Vein +$50 View Example
    Prismatic Aberration +$65 View Example


    12) Do your silicone toys have a warranty?


    We will replace a toy in accordance with the charts below. The replacement cost is a fixed percentage of the original non-discounted price of the toy plus shipping if specified. Minor issues are any cosmetic issues which do not impede the functionality of the toy. Major issues are any issues which result in the toy being rendered unusable. Any modified toys or toys with apparent intentional damage or misuse are not covered.      

    Minor Issue Coverage:
    Length of time after delivery Replacement Cost
    Under 1 Week Free
    Under 1 Month 20% + Shipping
    Under 6 Months 50% + Shipping
    Over 6 Months Not Covered
    Major Issue Coverage: 
    Length of time after delivery Replacement Cost
    Under 3 Months Free
    Under 6 Months 20% + Shipping
    Under 1 Year 50% + Shipping
    Under 2 Years 75% + Shipping
    Over 2 Years Not Covered

    All claims require the original toy to be sent back to us. 
    All replacement toys assume the warranty of the original toy and do not extend the original warranty.  

    We reserve the right to refuse warranty coverage at any time.

    13) Where can I learn more about upcoming events and releases?

    We announce all events, sales and releases on our social media. Here is a link to our twitter.

    14) In an emergency, can one of your silicone toys stop a .22 bullet?

    Say you are using a toy and turn your butt towards the shooter... they might be stunned just long enough for you to make an escape... this is a bit silly isn't it?