11343 Small Ash in Soft Firmness - Fizzle

$75.00 $90.00
Model: Ash
Size: Small
Firmness: Soft
Base Price: $85
Add-On: Suction Cup (Fizzle - Might Not Work) [FREE]

Split [FREE]

Fizzle: Suction cup too deep, no longer functions. [-$10]

Inventory toys are pre-made unique toys that we add regularly to our online store. They're sold 'as is' on a first come - first serve basis. Upon placing an order for an inventory toy, unless paired with a custom order, it will be shipped as fast as possible, usually within 1-4 work days. This means inventory orders cannot be cancelled upon order placement. All inventory toys go through a quality assurance inspection to ensure they have no significant flaws. Toys in premium color styles may carry a higher price.

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