TTC SquishyBuds


Need a squishy friend to play with?

Get your stress-relief in a package you can safely display on your work desk!
TTC SquishyBuds are our collection of adorably cute silicone squishies - for all your squishing and fidgeting needs!

The Ghosties, Spooke the curious and Ghast the grinning are always happy to haunt! They will keep you company during even the darkest of times, as their strong green glow-in-the-dark makes for cozy night-lighting!

The same can be said for the cutest trickster, Treat the Dragon! Not truly a ghost, but ever since he donned his glowing blanket costume, the Ghosties have accepted him as one of their own. His tail flicks happily behind him, in shades of vivid metallic purple, with two ivory horns protruding from his veil!

Then there's the Hauntkin. It just sort of... appears. On the first of October, there was one in the woods behind the TTC headquarters, and now they're all over the place. Who carved them? We may never know! In a fruity orange color, with a brown stalk, all we know is that they're perfectly grab-sized and fun to squish!

Finally, our in-house Alchemist has been working on new concoctions! No adventurer should leave the safety of his home village without these in his bandolier. In refreshing Life Red and Mana Blue colors by default, the Wolf Flask and Dragon Potion might be just what you need to survive your next monstrous encounter!


TTC Halloween Squishies come in Soft firmness by default - they are novelty toys and not meant for insertion or intimate play. Any such play is ill advised and will be entirely at your own risk. Default Colors for all squishies are as shown in the product image(s). Our squishy collectibles can also be made in Medium 6 and Firm 8 by special request - simply add your requested firmness to the order notes field during checkout.


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