Dragon Potion and Wolf Flask

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Unveiling the latest creation from our in-house Alchemist at Twin Tail Creations, the Dragon Potion and Wolf Flask Squishies! Crafted meticulously with the most adventurous in mind, this whimsical product is an essential addition to adventuring kit, ensuring you're never caught unprepared.

The Dragon Potion is 3.25 inches tall and the Wolf Flask is 3.5 inches tall.

Our Dragon Potions and Wolf Flasks are cast in premium quality silicone, guaranteeing longevity and durability through countless adventures. It's incredibly soft to touch and fantastic to squeeze. With its unique and ergonomic design, it sits comfortably in your hand, ready to accompany you on your journeys.


Please be advised that, due to the inherent variations in the pouring process, we are unable to guarantee the precise distribution of colors for each individual product. We appreciate your understanding and assure you that our commitment to quality and uniqueness remains our top priority.

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