Treat the Dragon

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Introducing Treat the Dragon from Twin Tail Creations, our delightful whimsical character that perfectly captures the spirit of playful trickery! Although not an authentic phantom, Treat has seamlessly blended into the ghostly realm with his blanket costume, earning the acceptance and companionship of all ghost kind. His tail, bursting with charm, playfully flicks behind him. Poking through his mischievous guise, two ivory horns audaciously jut forth through his veil, showcasing a delightful blend of dragon mischief and ghostly allure. Unleash the magic of the supernatural with Treat the Dragon, a truly enchanting addition to your collection!


Please be advised that, due to the inherent variations in the pouring process, we are unable to guarantee the precise distribution of colors for each individual product. We appreciate your understanding and assure you that our commitment to quality and uniqueness remains our top priority.

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