TTC TinyTails - Pack of 5


These adorably miniscule silicone toys are an answer to the age old question of what will happen if you let your dragons and interns play with shrinking potions (Thanks, Mocha!)

Each pack of TTC TinyTails comes with five random miniature toys in assorted colors! No two models will be repeated in the same pack, and you have the chance of getting Tiny Tails in Pearly, Metallic, or even Glow in the Dark!

A pack will also occasionally include Cute Miniaturized Squishies! There's 14 to collect in total!

TinyTails is a novelty accessory item and we recommend using common sense when playing with these. TTC is not responsible for any harm done, including broken screens as a result of casually throwing them around, however addictive that may be. Contains small parts - keep out of range of anyone who could choke on them.

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