Black Friday 2023

Black Friday is fast approaching and we wanted to outline our Black Friday Sale as there are several key things to be aware of.
If you took part in our Black Friday Sale last year... Welcome back! This year will look very similar to last year. 



Start Time 

PST: Thursday Nov. 23rd @ 9:01 PM
EST: Friday Nov. 24th @ 12:01 AM

End Time

PST: Monday Nov. 27th @ 8:59 PM
EST: Monday Nov. 27th @ 11:59 PM

On Thursday November 23rd, our site will be taken offline at 5:00 PM PST in preparation for Black Friday.
It will remain offline until the Black Friday Sale goes live. 



Dark Matter Toys - Up to 40% 
Signature Colorations - 20% 
Existing Inventory - 20% 
Werewolf Trainer - 10%
For-Science! Colorations - 10% 

Merchandise - 10% 

Note: Brooklyn Supreme may have different discounts and coloration costs


The Dark Matter Coloration

The Dark Matter Coloration will be priced at $20 and have a 30% discount. This is standard pricing for all 3-Color Marbles and allows us to offer a larger overall discount across all models and sizes. 

Dark matter will also be available as a 40% off Bundle of any 3 toys

Dark Matter will be available in all models, sizes, and firmnesses.


The 24K Gold Vein Coloration - It's Back! 


Yes, that's really 24 karat gold! 

These super-limited colorations will only be available as inventory. Additionally, not all inventory will be made available immediately. Given the extremely limited run, 1(one) 24K Gold Vein will be added to inventory every hour. The model and size will be random and not announced prior. 

All 24K Gold Vein toys will be in Soft Firmness.  

The Coloration will be priced at $65

Additionally, this will be the ONLY opportunity to obtain a 24K Gold Vein as this coloration will NOT be offered as a custom option and additional inventory will not be available after the Black Friday Sale. 



Werewolf Trainer Shirts and Hoodies

All Werewolf Trainer Shirts and Hoodies will be discounted by 10%

Due to high demand, Werewolf Trainers in some configurations may not be immediately available to ship. In which case, there will be additional wait time while the shirts are produced. We currently anticipate a wait time of 3-4 weeks for these orders. .   


Coloration Modifications

We will not be allowing any modifications to any Signature Colorations or the Dark Matter Coloration. 
For-Science! color requests will be allowed. 


For-Science! Color Requests

As with a normal For-Science, we allow for up to 3 colors to be requested as either included or excluded. These colors can be listed in the order notes (at the bottom of the cart) or you can use the For-Science! Request Form which will be available during the Black Friday Sale. 


Wait Times

For Dark Matter orders, the wait time will be entirely dependent upon your place in our 'Dark Matter Queue'. The estimated wait time will be periodically updated on our website but is not guaranteed at the time of purchase. We will post official wait times once the Black Friday Sale has ended. 

We expect the maximum Dark Matter wait time to be approximately 2-3 Weeks.

All Signature Coloration and For-Science! orders will be placed in our normal queue.  


Disabled Purchases

Throughout the entire duration of the Black Friday Sale, Dark Matter, Signature, and For-Science! Colorations will be the only options available for purchase. All other options will be disabled. 


Order Cancellations

Orders placed during the Black Friday Sale can be cancelled up until:

PST: Tuesday Nov. 28th @ 8:59 PM
EST: Tuesday Nov. 28th @ 11:59 PM

Orders cannot be cancelled after this time. 


The Black Friday Sale may be subject to change.
Stay tuned to our Twitter page for news of any changes. 


Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions